What would you like to learn about?

As we enter into 2017 it is a great time to plan for the year. The EFSPI/PSI special interest group on benefit-risks wants to make this as relevant as possible for you, but we need your help for this. Please add comments to this post to tell us, what you would like to hear about? What topics are you interested in? Are there any people, you would like to hear from? Or are you interested yourself to share your thoughts?

Please let us know!

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2 thoughts on “What would you like to learn about?

  1. I have a few broad questions about the field itself.

    What do we call an expert in Benefit-Risk Assessment? Benefit-Risker? Decision Scientist?

    I view BRA as an area of Decision Science but the majority of us do not have formal degrees in Decision Science per se. How does BRA fit into the whole Decision Science picture?

    Given benefit-risk assessments should be updated as new evidence comes available, should we drive a Bayesian mindset?

    What are the essential topics to include in BR short course? What specialty topics should be added for a statistical audience?

    Are we alone in the Universe? Who drives BRA methodology outside of the pharmaceutical industry and what should we be learning from them? What journals do they publish in?

    I have seen BRA take root in Drug Safety Departments, particularly if that is where epidemiologists reside. Now with Real World Evidence Departments (PharmacoEpi + Pharmacoeconomics / Health Outcomes people), where is BRA best supported given evidence of benefits and risks comes from both clinical trials and observational studies?